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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. we had a bunch of local highs and we will talk about that and show you what will be close on those records. undocumented workers will be out in full force today as part of the mayday event. we will tell you what to expect from the demonstrators. he puts his head on my face and squeezed really tight and said shut up, get in the trunk. she spoke exclusively to
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ktvu and she said a man held her against her will. complete bay area news coverage, this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, we are live in antioch, temperatures are expected to get into the 90s and you can see what is in the area, ktvu channel 2 morning news just spoke to a fire marshall and that's coming up in just about two minutes. right now it is thursday, may 1 may 1st, mayday, i am pam cook. >> let's talk about weather and traffic. >> pam would like to wear some flip flops. >> no, only the sports guys company get away with that.
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>> sometimes heidi will share and it will be hot and there were 90s all over the place and 80s up and down the coast, they probably moved there as far as i am concerned. livermore 92 and 1947, it must have been hot here. fso 87 and the record is 94 and the record is 99 so that will not happen. cool to mild to warm on the lows. mainly 50s, warm to hot and some higher clouds, slightly different than yesterday 52 novato, 52 napa and 59 oakland. yesterday this time it was 64 so there was a little difference there. some high clouds, we have a few of these temperatures and they should be about 63 to 74.
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here is sal. traffic is going to be in many areas and i want to take a look now at the bay bridge [ technical difficulties, stand by ] [inaudible] [inaudible] [ technical difficulties, stand by ] [inaudible] . there is not a lot going on when it comes to a crash -- [ technical difficulties, stand by ] [inaudible] allow me -- our maps have not caught up to that incident yet, right here, there is a brand-new crash, the fire department and medics are on the way and i will let you know more about that and quickly, let's take a look at san jose
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101 and traffic is still looking good, 6:03 let's go back to the desk. steve paulson said there is already some fall out and tara moriarty joins us from antioch where we have been telling you there is an overnight grass fire. >> you can see the char marks behind me and basically when you have the wind and dry conditions and it means the wind will burn through the dry grass from last year. it started at midnight and was under control a half hour before and it was at the regional park. luckily nobody was hurt and nobody was threatened -- [ technical difficulties, stand by ] [inaudible] >> we have space cut around
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your home and make sure your gutters were kept clean -- [inaudible] [ technical difficulties, stand by ] he
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came and attacked me and -- >> coming up at 6:30 alex savage will tell us what that woman did when her accused kidnapper tried to force her into his car. mainly mayday here and around the world. janine de la vega joins us to tell us how to involve immigration reform. . >> reporter: that tradition continues with undocumented people and immigration reform. let's go to video from the march last year where hundreds of people marched rallying for change and immigration
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policies. today undocumented workers will march to city hall and there are also events planned in oakland and last night organizers there were making banners highlighting and the struggles have been separated because of deportation. >> the work is happening every single day and the communities are struggling and i think it is a big opportunities to use their voices and bodies out on the street to highlight these struggles. >> those who are participating say they are still seeking fair wages and they are fighting displacement as they skyrocket. the event throughout the bay area are expected to be peaceful. people in oakland are blaming some past problems on troublemakers and the event is happening early and a mass at
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our lady of guadeloupe, there will bespeakers and then the march begins here. reporting live san jose ktvu channel 2 morning news. well mayday violences they have cut a ban and police tried to use tear gas and water canyons and they are angry about a corruption scandal. and city council is holding a special meeting about raising the city's minimum wage. right now they have to raise it $8 per hour and they are proposing a wage, $10 and 4 cents into november the followi they put that the following year in oakland. and the board of
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supervisors will hold an online town meeting. the city is facing a projected shortfall this fiscal year and the town hall falls and it is on the you tube page. they have reached a tentative agreement with one of its employee unions and could serve with 23 others up for renewal. it covers contract compliance operators and tentative agreement has 8-point 5% over the 3 year terms of the contract which still has to be ratified. the disturbing incident, parents say two men tried to lure him away from a park and the girl was playing on saturday near rancho elementary
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school. two adult men were seen walking the girl to a parking lot asking her if she wanted to have dinner with them. the girl's mother noticed she was not at the playground and screamed her name and she then ran back and took off in a white suv. >> asking her if she wanted to have dinner with them so it was very disturbing -- >> police are investigating and they are encouraging parents very closely, watch your children. the new developments. but first, a building collapses and kills 2 inmates, we will have a look at that
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damage. here on 880, we will have more on the bay bridge as well coming up. and the heat is on, how long will it last especially by the coast where we'll see a cooler pattern and your full forecast is am coming right up.
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. the heavy torrential rains are also blamed for this landslide in baltimore and a street just collapsed, at least 10 cars went down an embankment they are checking foundations of houses and gasoline for damage. more than 3 inches of rain has fallen just since tuesday afternoon. and in alabama, the water caused some people to go to the rooftops to be rescued and almost two feet of rain fell in some of the southern states in just 24 hours and there may not be a break in the weather and six more inches may fall by
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friday. >> water was coming in and flowing in out this door. >> the national weather service said 16 inches of rain fell just in pensicola florida and that's the most rain to fall in one day since 1880. we are following developing news, two inmates were killed after an explosion at a county jail. officials are looking into the possibility that this is weather related. >> reporter: pam, good morning to you, that is the main question, what happened and why this apparent natural gas explosion happened and i want to show you, this is the scene here an atf agents are looking into what happened, it happened at 11:00 p.m. last night and as you said, two
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inmates were killed and 150 others were injured. they have conducted this and the main question is, if this was related to all of the flooding and all of the problems in the last two days, inside before this happened, it is due to flooding. >> now if inmates are not here where are they now? >> reporter: well it's a good question but there were 600 at the time of the explosion and they have all been accounted for. they have all been taken to local hospitals of the injured and they have been sent to another detention center and of course as you know they have all been accounted for. >> reporter: in pensicola, thank you for that update.
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it is official. last night antoine wilson was approved in the anonymous vote of the school board. they spent a year searching after tony smith stepped down last year and want to wilson beat them on july 1st it came with some very nice perks, 3 free months of lodging, free healthcare premiums for himself and his family and $56,000 in bonus payments and all on top of the $280,000 a year salary. 6:17 it is not finished yet
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but it has already seen its first marriage proposal. >> say yes? >> is that a yes? >> yes. >> poor guy is waiting, is that a yes? >> yes. >> and sarah in san francisco got proposed to while on a tour. he spent a lot of time to making that a possibility. >> i wish them well. >> let's check in with sal. we feel good because of scott and sarah, are you going to make us feel good about the commute? >> well, i was thinking where is he going with this but okay nice, thank you very much. the dave, the answer to your question is yes, we don't have a lot going on and this is nice and we start at the peak of the commute and this is a peak at
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the 880 ramps, not too bad but slowly. in oakland it looks good if you are driving southward to hayward and southbound at tennyson there is a little bit of a slow down but i am going to take my arrow and that traffic looks good all the way to fremont and to give you some drive times, pleasant hill all the way to the caldecott and thornton, because of that crash, 580 and now we are getting into the road category but i saw those things change before my eyes. >> steve, that was amazing. >> the answer is yes. >> well, sunrise came quickly.
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it should be in 3, 2, 1, there it is. oakland 91, fso, normal temperatures for us but there were record highs from l.a. all the way to cent city. cent city at 78 and santa maria, that is really warm and that tells you everything you need to know. san francisco 88 and we are going 87 and it is 75 with a little puff of an east breeze. 87 and the record, the previous record was 95, it will not be a record-setting hot mostly by the coast, we are getting some of these higher clouds, we have
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an 11-degree spread, some lower 50s yet fso is 55 degrees and some areas are very, very warm it's not even a delta breeze and that tells you, there is not muching in on and today it is not the case. 15 in ukiah which was 92 yesterday and we have a big difference in some of these lows. if you are up around 2000 feet that is really warm. it is not here yet with the fog and a couple of people are writing me, where is that breeze. afternoon temperatures, 70s to 80s to the 0 -- 90s.
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then it will start to kick in with that delta breeze and that's what past history tells me. ford has just named its next ceo and he will take over on july 1st when the current ceo steps down. also this morning, he announced american spending and consumer spending rose 9 / 10 10th of a% and it is one of the biggest increases since august of 2009. all right, pam, big computer problems caused long lines and why those problems laid yesterday may affect your travel plans this morning. the spied i battle over a popular house spot.
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. 625 is the time he is taking a break-in his duties as mayor to get help for alcohol problems. it came after they reported on
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a new video that reportedly shows him smoking crack cocaine and another video showing him smoking crack cocaine but he was forced to resign instead he will seek another inerm office. and making hot sauce, they are being asked to leave and move to texas. texas workers plan on meeting later with the company's president and they said they would love to have the hot sauce plant in their state. they had been battling with the city of urban dale over that strong smell of the city and they have voted to declare them a public nuisance, despite promises to deal with the smell. in the meantime gubinatorial candidates are trying to keep them here in california and
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they are asking fans of this company to take a stand against government regulations killing jobs. subway leaves as far as government pay and hours. subway violated fair labor standards 17 times between 2000 and last year. they had to pay 3.8 million in overdue pay and subway is not commenting on that report. hot temperatures and strong winds are playing a big role and what is due, what happened in a huge fire that is threatening hundreds of homes. and a frightening situation by a woman who said a man was trying to kill her and what she did when the man tried forcing her into the trunk of her car.
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and the drive time in san francisco is less than 8 minutes and the toll plaza, we will give you that time as well. it was howling and we will show you if it's still warm and we will show you if there are any record highs. man: we know when parents and teachers work together... woman: our schools get stronger. man: as superintendent of public education, that's been tom torlakson's approach. woman: torlakson has supported legislation to guarantee spending decisions about our education tax dollars are made by parents, teachers and the local community... and not by sacramento politicians. and we need to keep that legislation on track. man: so tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for local control of school funding decisions.
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. we are live at the mountain view police department and a kidnapping case is being investigated and one of the victims is talking exclusively to ktvu channel 2 news. alex will bring us her story in just a few minutes from now. it is thursday, first day of may pam. >> i can't believe it. let's check in with steve,
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first day of may but it's more like june, july in some parts. >> mostly clear, it will be another warm to hot day, some of the records possible, and the records are 90 and some of them are 1946. the record is '96 and '97 and the record is 8 -- '89. cool to mild to warm on the lows, it will not take long to warm me up but yesterday was very strong coming in off the caldecott but a filter and it is a sign for the coast and inland takes another day and it always does. we will start to enhance that more westerly breeze and still high pressure is definitely
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high and in charge. more 70s now closer to the coast here is sal. right now traffic is moving well around the bay area and there are some troubled spots and i do want to start with the east shore freeway the speeds are up there and this will probably change as we wear on and yesterday by the end of the commute it is almost double time. you will see about a 20 minute delay and traffic is okay into into and san francisco, mostly looking good with some minor things and i want to talk about a new crash reported, a car rode into the back of a tow truck so watch for some cars from concord to walnut creek.
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we have new details about the alleged kidnapping from two women in the south bay. joining us, alex will one of the victims describe how she ran away. >> she was forced to drive with her accused captor and she made a dramatic mistake by intentionally crashing that car. at first this man seemed harmless but his demeanor quickly changed. >> he said i am going to squeeze your neck if you are not quiet. >> we spoke with the 19-year- old victim and she told us one of the bruises. everything began on sunday when a man came up to her near her house in san jose and asked for
6:34 am
a ride near his fair as house. and alverez said his move quickly changed, he became angry and at one point he threatened to kill her and he told her to get into the trunk. and i said no, no, please. >> i was screaming and he said shut up, shut up. >> reporter: the young woman said she convinced the man to keep letting her drive the car and eventually he agreed. in the end, alverez screamed.
6:35 am
then she had the other driver to call 911. middle brook drove off by himself and at that point he abducted another woman and forced her to drive to a small town and middle brook was eventually taken knocked did i. coming up, we will tell you what less on she learned. it happened just before 9:00 on fox worthy avenue, two people and a dog were in the home when the fire started. the red cross is now helping them find a place to stay. the fire destroyed more than half the house and appears to be started in the back of the home and the cause is still under investigation. happening today, the golden state warriors have to win tonight's nba playoff game when they host the clippers in game
6:36 am
6. brian chippers hey, buy, a lot have played since it is where you are standing right now. >> i. >> reporter: i am one of the biggest fans out there. if you take a look at oracle arena, this is probably the quietest it will be. 20,000 screaming warriors fans and maybe a few clippers fans in there as well. as you mentioned dave, a lot has changed since both teams have been here and we talked about the donald sterling controversy and then the warriors who are on the brink of elimination. sometime today, a panel will dive in and this call patiently
6:37 am
fight it. they may force sterling to sell the team but they are working on roadblocks to keep that from happening and that's where we have a bay area connection. larry is one of the front runners reportedly alongside david and oprah whimphrey to by that team and bying dates open at 5:30 and this is a must win for them and they are down 3-2 and officials say, it will be the 82nd consecutive sellout, there are some available but they are not coming cheap, it is $100 for standing room only. as for me -- >> i have been making shots all
6:38 am
day long. >> you saw this. you are here at oracle arena, ktvu channel 2 morning news bray and flores ktvu channel 2 morning news. you are the man. okay, san jose sharks and fans are hurt being. they may be at their lowest point in team history. >> he scores. >> a heartbreaker, last night the sharks lost 5-1 and they have been eliminated and they lost, and they became the first in the history of the series after particular up, sharks players are now devastated and
6:39 am
as they say the team needs to be overhauled and tom mcclellan may be in doubt. and they are making sure mayday instructions do not get out of hand. they are across the bay area, janine de la vega joins us from one location in the san jose bay and it starts in just a few hours. janine? >> reporter: pam, i just spoke with a man who wishes he could march but he needs to go to work but those who plan on marching will go to work but they will be voting and it has been has since 2006. in advance hose, faith and
6:40 am
undocumented workers will in san jose faith and undocumented workers will march. last night organizers there were making banners and preparing for the days events and they are highlighting many struggling because of deportation. i spoke with one man who says he can relate. >> i support it because -- [inaudible] that is why -- [inaudible] >> reporter: you know their struggle? >> i know -- believe me, [inaudible] it is hard. >> reporter: those who are participating are paying good jobs as home prices skyrocket. some say they will work to keep
6:41 am
things safe and here in san jose, they will begin and last throughout the day and there will be a map at our lady of guadeloupe at 3:00 p.m. and then the march actually actually begins. they are working to get back on schedule after a major computer problem in southern california. here we are at lax. .. >> the faa said a computer problem grounded flights for more than 90 minutes yesterday. they were trying to fly back to the bay area and they got caught and they found plenty of other people and they have been here stuck.
6:42 am
>> they were supposed to be there and they are finally boarding now. >> reporter: -- look look at gavin -- the governor, he was supposed to be boarding as well. >> if you are flying, you should check with your airline two hours before you head to the airport. >> what would we do without that smart phone. we have been talking about that and in some places they are already underway. coming up at 7:00 the ban that led to a violent confrontation in turkey between police and protesters. we will tell you about the fallout that it caused in antioch. you can see a look at the
6:43 am
bay bridge. a couple of record highs, it will be really close and there are hints of a breeze may be kicking up on the coast and we will have more on that coming up. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event, ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ ♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪
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. more records are set and there are some troubled spots as well. tara moriarty is in antioch where there is an overnight
6:46 am
grass fire and they have plans to keep people safe. tara? >> reporter: we are getting a better look at the grass fire now that the sun is coming up and the fact that we are in a drought really doesn't help anything, the drought conditions are still in the bay area, late may early june, they tweetedthis out and they were under control about a half hour later. it started on pin tail drive near the regional park and luckily nobody was hurt and no homes were threatened. we did speak to a fire marshall and they said wildfire preparedness takes off this weekend. >> that is weather fuel and topography. we have had low humidity and
6:47 am
with these fires occurring, it is going to be a long summer. >> meanwhile there is an alert for others working outside today. cal osha has a heat advisory and that means they are making sure they have plenty of water and an emergency illness prevention plan. and coming up later well be there. and it is hot because of windy conditions. a fire in rancho is threatening homes on the freeway. a fire broke out in san diego county but it is out now.
6:48 am
mandatory evacuations were ordered for more than 1500 homes and that has since been lifted. we will take you there and take a look at what is happening out there now. and torii let's look at what is coming up on mornings on 2. good morning. the bay area is leading the state when it comes to population growth and new figures show three of the lastest growing are here in the bay area. we will tell you which is going on. and we will tell you why soldiers are rushing out to get tattoos before the ink dries with some new rules on the army. >> all right, torii, very interesting. all right, sal, how are the
6:49 am
other bridges doing now? >> the other bridges are the busiest and toll plaza is busy but there are other bridge crossings which are busy as well. let's start with a lot of people who have not made it that far. it is stop and go and it's a 6 minute drive which does not sick leak a lot but we are getting to the peak of it and there is a lot of slow traffic coming inel and look at all of the red on the map there. the slowest trouble is coming in after the 208 interchange and i want to remind you, they are clearing a crash and 649
6:50 am
6:49 let's go to steve. mostly clear, not much of a breeze yet there is there is an area and there might be a slight hint of a westerly breeze. there is no breeze left in the city and it's not as warm as yesterday and we have lost that breeze and it is nothing compared to what it was and it was roaring off the caldecott. there is a little difference there, 59 san jose, 50 half- moon bay and 83 degrees and it is just incredible. we could get a couple of record highs and we only had 2 or 3 yesterday and that will be the case again today.
6:51 am
>> cool directions and warm to hot, temperatures, 80s and 90s for many, i do think passive can starts to -- passive can starts to feel that semolina, 92 vacaville, that is down 4 from yesterday, brentwood oakly, walnut creek danville, 87 would be a record by the way if the record is 85 and they will set another record and it was 99. 79 half-moon bay and i think by 1:00 that breeze kicks in and upper 80s on the peninsular and
6:52 am
much cooler as we get to the weekend. this morning there is a report that at&t is taking steps to expand and the wireless company is reportedly approached to discuss a take over and neither company is taking over and direct tv is the second largest with 20 million customers. if at&t buys it, it gets the approval to buy time warner. car makers will report for april and ford over the next couple of hours and those reported their lowest monthly sales figures in three years and subaru hit a record low. sales fell and honda, meets sorbishshy and -- mitsobishi and sales did grow. a five-year-old girl almost kidnapped. i was absolutely shocked. >> one bay area mom kept her
6:53 am
safe and what predators could be out there lurking. and over the san francisco bay mid-air collision.
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6:55 am
. the investigation continues
6:56 am
with two mid-airplanes collided. the pilots body was still inside. sunday afternoon, that plane collided with the sea furry and the pilot and passenger of that plane landed safely in amador county 40 minutes after that collision. the ntsb investigator said the pilot of the cessna planned on photographing the sea furry and it's not clear yet if that contributed to the crash. >> now police want to create a map which would help the 30 public cameras mounted in hot spots. they are saying it could help with a crime scene. >> if people don't want to participate, there is no obligation and we respect that. >> they say it is one step they are taking to help police and
6:57 am
wants to talk to any officials who have surveillance cameras. they are trying to use a new bait bike to catch thieves. they put those bikes on bike racks all over the city and wait for thieves to steal them. >> we can track them in warehouses in closets in cars, anywhere and you better believe we will and will come for that. >> police say they have already made several arrests and they are asking is this a bait bike, they are trying to make them think twice about it. there are several resources to help and also track down the bike in it is -- if it is stolen. look for the hot topic section on the home page. and a renewable energy program has become a lightning rod among city leaders.
6:58 am
clean power s. if is designed to -- s. if is designed to allow them to use electricity matters. they will use them for solar panels and they have enough votes votes to override the mayor's veto. all right, pam, coming up, a bizarre case involving two south bay women, they have an exclusive interview with one of a alleged victims. also two major rallies are prepared and police are preparing for the big crowd. stay with us.
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7:00 am
a kidnapping scare for a south bay woman who says she was taken by a man who threatened to kill her. how she managed to escape coming up. a couple of highs yesterday in oakland and sfo. we will talk about what looks to be the start after cooler pattern. >> thousands will take to the streets to rally and march. we are live in san jose and we will tell you what to expect for


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